With a career in finance and sales Jiten has over 15 years of work experience which includes everything from retail to data analytics! He however has always been ‘known’ to many as ‘Jit the artist’. He still occasionally finds the time to paint the odd painting which you never know could be the next masterpiece worth millions... probably after he dies! Since 2015 he has however found full satisfaction for providing henna services. He enjoys ‘doing’ henna on people because it brings instant gratification to the recipient not only at the time but also up to three weeks later. For this reason he feels that henna/mehndi is quite unique! He has applied henna tattoos and mehndi for groups and individuals for various events and occasions such as weddings, festivals, hen parties, and birthdays... and just for fun.

When he’s not working or trying to make a living for his family, you can find him relaxing or entertaining friends and family. He likes eating nice food, watching television, listening to music and has a love for football and plays a round of golf when he gets the chance!

Jiten is forever evolving in his personal and work life and it shows in his henna work. His artwork is influenced by both contemporary and traditional designs and his growing portfolio shows the development of difference styles catering for the many markets available as a henna artist.

Having your henna/mehndi done, whether it’s part of an experience or in preparation for your big event, is something beautiful, emotional and exciting. Jiten understands these occasions, and his friendly approach will endeavour to make each person feel at ease and comfortable in his presence. He allows them to express what they want from their henna. Choosing Jiten Mistry for your henna needs and desires is guaranteed to be one of the best decisions you’ll make.

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